Our Menu

Monday to Thursday

Lunch 12-5PM


Soup of the day served with guinness brown soda bread | 5.00

Fish soup, selection of mixed seafood & vegetables(not always your typical chowder!) | 6.40


Wild mushroom aranchini on truffle mayo (v) | 6.95

Smoked salmon croquettes on citrus herbed aioli | 6.95

Breaded honey feta, roasted nuts & balsamic reduction(v)(n) | 6.95

Clonakilty & ardsallagh goats cheese parcels on spiced apple chutney fall off the bone bbq pork ribs (gf) | 6.70

Chicken wings BBQ/Spicy/plane Jane 6/12 | 5.95/9.95


5 iron, grilled irish chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on ciabtatta | 6.10 

Toasted special, john david power ham, cheddar, tomato red onion on batch loaf  | 6.10

Avocado toast, truffle egg mayo, red onion, crispy bacon on artisan loaf | 6.10

Truffle egg mayo, red onion, grilled asparagus in a toasted wrap(v) | 6.10

Toulouse sausage, roasted peppers aioli in a toasted wrap | 6.10



Fungarvan, homemade beef burger, cheddar, streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato in a brioche bun w/ rustic hand cut chips| 9.95 

Cock a doodle, grilled chicken fillet, curry mayo, cheddar, tomato salsa lettuce, tomato in a brioche bun, w/rustic hand cut cajun chips| 9.95

Dungarvan brewery battered fish & chips with mushy mint peas | 14.50

Homemade beetroot burger, pickled cucumber, red onion, curry mayo, crisp leaves in a brioche bun w/pesto chips (n)(v) | 15.10


Mixed leaves, pickled fennel, orange segments, feta, roasted nuts(n)(v) | 12.70

Caesar, grilled irish chicken, croutons, bacon lardons, in a real caesar dressing (so yes there is anchovies) 12.70

From the famine:
Merry’s mash 2.90 | Chorizo potatoes 3.05 | Hand cut chips 2.90 | Hand cut pesto parmesan chips 3.15 | Cajun chips 2.90 | Chips with blue cheese mayo 3.05

A little bit extra:
Leaf salad w/ tomato & red onion 2.80 | Broccoli florets 2.90 | Braised red cabbage 2.90 | Corn on the cob 2.90 | Chorizo bean cassulet 2.90

if you have any allergies or dietary requirements please let us know & we will do our best to assist

ONLY ON WeekendS


Chorizo mixed bean cassulet, fried egg & potato bread | 10.70

Toulouse sausage, mixed bean cassulet, fried egg & potato bread | 12.70

Ballycotton smoked salmon, fried egg on potato bread with hollandaise |10.70

Grilled asparagus on potato bread with fried egg & hollandaise (v) | 10.70

if you have any allergies or dietary requirements please let us know & we will do our best to assist

12-9PM (ISH)

Bar Bites

Mixed Seafood Soup, with Guinness brown soda bread, not always your typical chowder! | 6.70

Wild mushroom aranchini on a truffle mayo (v) | 6.95

Clonakilty Black pudding & 5 Mile town goats cheese spring rolls on spiced apple chutney| 6.80

3 racks of fall off the bone bbq pork ribs (gf) | 6.70

Breaded honey feta with roasted nuts & balsamic reduction (n)(v) | 6.70

Ballycotton Smoked Salmon & chive croquettes on a citrus garden herb aioli | 7.30

Pickled Fennel 5 mile town goats cheese orange segents & roasted nuts, tossed in mixed leaves (v)(n)(gf) | 7.30

Chicken wings BBQ/Spicy/plane Jane 6/12 | 5.95 / 9.95


Slaney Valley lamb burger Cashel blue cheese, red onion, truffle mayo,blackened roast pepper with sweet potato chips | 16.90

Fresh Catch on a Ballinacourty cauliflower puree drizzled with roasted tomato puree, topped with sea sapphire & a side of  Balearic potatoes(gf)| 19.30

McCarren Irish Pork belly cooked for hours in Dungarvan Ale roasted Nuts, crispy local spring cabbage & a side of polenta mash (n)| 16.20

Eoin Jordan 10 oz Irish Ribeye, balsamic roasted mushroom smoked paprika fried onions, wild garlic aioli & rustic hand cut chips | 24.70

Homemade beetroot & carrot burger, curry mayo pickled cucumber, crisp leaves in a brioche bun with pesto chips (N)(V) | 15.90

Glin Valley Irish chicken supreme wrapped in streaky bacon bacon on a balsamic roasted mushroom, pea puree, side of truffle mushroom risotto (gf) | 16.90

Dunagrvan Brewery beer battered fish mushy mint peas & hand cut chips | 14.50

Fungarvan, home made 8oz beef burger cheddar cheese, crispy streaky bacon, tomato & leaves in a brioche bun9.95

From the Famine:
Merry’s mash 2.90 | chorizo potatoes 3.05hand cut chips 2.90 | hand cut pesto parmesan chips 3.15 | cajun chips 2.90 | hand cut chips with blue cheese mayo 3.05

A little bit extra:
leaf salad w/ tomato & red onion 2.80 | broccoli florets 2.90 |  Braised red cabbage 2.90 |  corn on the cob 2.90 | chorizo mixed bean cassulet 2.90



Stewed local fruits topped with a biscuit crumble & a side of warm custard | €4.80

Chocolate Cake
Warm chocolate cake served with chocolate sauce & a side of vanilla ice cream | €5.05

Belgium waffles topped with sliced banana, maple syrup, chocolate sauce & Vanilla ice cream | €5.65

Warm toffee & apple pie with custard & whipped cream | €4.60

Chocolate & vanilla ice cream layered with cookie crumble, whipped cream & Chocolate sauce | €4.50

Lemon Curd Roulade w/ mixed berry compote & whipped cream (GF) | €4.90 

Plain n' Simple
One scoop of vanilla, one scoop of strawberry & one scoop of chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce (GF) | €3.20

Homemade chocolate brownie topped with mixed berries & a Dark rich chocolate sauce | €4.95

Fair trade tea, herbal tea & freshly ground coffee:

Americano €2.45 | Latte €2.85 | Espresso €2.60 | Cappuccino €2.85 | Hot Chocolate €2.80 | Tea €1.95 | Herbal Teas €2.50


Merry’s crème liquor latte | €5.90

Irish Coffee | €5.70

French Coffee | €6.00

Dark Rum & hot chocolate | €5.95

Merry’s white chocolate liquor hot chocolate | €6.00

If you have any allergies please let us know & we will do our best to accommodate you

Chicken Goujons served with Merry’s hand cut Chips | €5.50

Fish Goujons served with Merry’s hand cut Chips | €6.50

Sausages & hand cut chips | €4.50

Pasta in a Cream Cheese sauce | €4.50

Pasta in Cream Tomato sauce | €4.50

Plain Pasta | €3.00

Baby Bowl | €1.85

If you have any dietary requirements Please inform your server and we will do our best to accommodate you



  • Choose three items €6.95 per person
  • Choose five items €11.55 per person
  • Choose seven items €15.05 per person

Dates stuffed with Cashel blue cheese & wrapped in streaky bacon Tomato, mozzarella & basil skewers with a pesto dressing (v)(n)

BBQ chicken wings

Slow cooked fall off the bone pork ribs

Rosemary potatoes with a jalapeno mayo (v)

Chicken satay skewers (n)

Balsamic roasted mushroom with Cashel blue cheese crust (v)

Black pudding with goat’s cheese & apple chutney

Grilled Wild venison sausage

Tortilla chips w/Cashel blue mayo & tomato salsa (v)

We use locally sourced ingredients where possible & as often as possible

N=nuts, V=vegetarian, P=pescitarian